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No More 'Collective Begging'

At gathering of adjunct leaders, they are urged to strike for better pay and job security – regardless of whether the law permits them to do so.

Not So Fast

SEIU's drive to organize adjuncts seemed to be picking up steam. Why has it faltered in the Twin Cities?

Benefits Options for Adjuncts

AFT and Freelancers Union announce plan to give those off the tenure track the ability to buy insurance through groups, rather than individually.

The Power of Grad Students

Even in challenging times for higher education, unions representing teaching assistants are achieving important victories that help many others in academe, writes Asad Haider.

Sending a Message

AAUP censures Northeastern Illinois for alleged violation of former professor's academic freedom in tenure denial. Draft of new policy questions ties to Confucius Institutes.

Promotion by Arbitration

How one little clause in an associate professor's contract help him get promoted to "full."

Right to Gender-Neutral Spaces

Graduate student workers in the U. California System say they've agreed on contract language establishing gender-neutral bathrooms and lactation stations as rights.

Union Target: For-Profits

Could a contract for some Kaplan faculty in New York be a precedent?