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After the Strike

While University of California grad workers won important gains, the system remains broken, along with graduate and undergraduate students’ trust, Laura J. Mitchell writes.

‘These Are the Wrong Kids to Do This To’

The adjunct faculty strike at the New School ended over the weekend, and two of four groups of academic workers striking across the University of California system ended their labor action. But undergraduates continue to struggle.

Strike at the New School

Adjuncts walk out indefinitely, demanding better pay and job security, among other changes. University of California strike continues.

Disruptions Ahead

Some 48,000 graduate student workers, postdocs and researchers across the U of California are striking for a major pay increase. The pressure is on.

Why Not Both?

Both tenure and unions are crucial for protecting the rights of faculty and other academic professionals in American higher education, Irene Mulvey and Randi Weingarten write.

Resident Assistants Fight for Union Representation

Five years after a groundbreaking labor board ruling allowed RAs at private institutions to unionize, some are finally succeeding. But for now, the ball may still be in colleges’ court.

Why I’d Gladly Exchange My Tenure for a Union

Juliet Shields hopes the dismantling of tenure seen at Emporia State and elsewhere might give way to a better system for protecting faculty rights—unionization.

Faculty Strike at Eastern Michigan

Professors say the university’s health care cost-sharing proposal, which would dramatically increase their premiums, forced their hand. Eastern Michigan files for an injunction to force faculty members back to work.