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The Public’s Growing Doubts About College ‘Value’

Americans aren’t questioning the importance of higher education, but they’re concerned it is unaffordable and unavailable for too many people. Experts dig into the data.

Leveling the Playing Field for Social Capital

Can technology help equalize students’ access to relationships that provide support, information and opportunity?

Economic Mobility Through a Different Lens

A new Economic Mobility Index highlights postgraduation outcomes of colleges that serve high numbers of low-income students.

‘Resurrection’ and ‘Restoration’

Morris Brown College regained full accreditation after 20 years. What’s next for the institution?

Second Chances for Failing Students

A recent study found that grade-forgiveness policies incentivize students to study STEM, take harder courses and stay in college—not slack off or simply boost their GPAs, as critics claim.

Improving Outcomes Data for Online Programs

It’s often impossible to tell how graduates of online programs fare, Robert Kelchen writes.

Injecting Equity Into the Carnegie Classifications

Leaders of the Carnegie Foundation and the American Council on Education envision judging colleges on their contributions to social mobility and racial equity.

Who Knew? 5 Surprises About Accreditation

Accreditation is stepping up its game in an evolving higher education landscape in ways that may surprise you, writes Jamienne Studley.