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3 Questions for Embry-Riddle’s Ronnie Mack

A conversation with an educator, connector, encourager and coach.

3 Reasons Why ‘Silo’ Is Really a Critique of Academic Culture

How Apple TV+’s dystopian series, based on novels by Hugh Howey, is, in reality, a parable of higher education.

3 Questions for Kevin McClure on ‘The Caring University’

A conversation about the book Kevin is writing on the university as a workplace.

Apple Orchards, Colleges and Climate Weirdness

What a wiped-out pick-your-own season might say about the future of the university.

Chaos Kings audio book by Scott Patterson

‘Chaos Kings’, Climate Change, and Black Swan Events

Why reading about hedge funds is a great way to think about how university leaders should think about low-probability/high-impact events.

7 Questions About the University as Workplace

Some things I don’t know about working in higher education.