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Cartoon image of a man with his eyes closed and a frown. The top of his head has an open lid into which newspapers with headlines declaring "fake news" are stuffed.

Librarians’ ‘New Normal’ Includes Pain Points

In college libraries today, print resources have been demoted, staffing shortages feel urgent and pandemic-era students struggle to engage with librarians.


The Internet Archive Is a Library

A lawsuit against the Internet Archive threatens the most significant specialized library to emerge in decades, say a group of current and former university librarians.

Vermont State University’s ‘All-Digital’ Library Fiasco

A merged institution born out of financial strain seeks to balance cost with quality, while also reaching more rural residents. But its botched announcement led to an outcry, an apology and a no-confidence vote.

Responding to Criticism, Publisher Reinstates Blocked Ebooks

After scrambling fall courses by withdrawing more than 1,380 ebooks, Wiley now says it will restore access to the course materials. Its short-term solution leaves many librarians unsatisfied.

Texas A&M Weighs Sweeping Changes to Library

A plan to restructure Texas A&M’s 10 libraries would force librarians to relinquish tenure or move to another academic department to keep it. The university has yet to explain its rationale for the changes.

A Seat at the Table

The student basic needs movement is growing, writes Christine Wolff-Eisenberg, and librarians should be included in it.

MIT Press to Release Many Spring Titles Open Access

Under a new initiative from MIT Press, early purchasing commitments from a subset of libraries will make the spring 2022 slate of monographs and edited collections open access.

When Will the Library Be Open?

David Banush explores how, with climate change and operational disruptions, answering that question going forward will require embracing an even more diffuse definition of the research library.