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When a Temporary Visa Is More Temporary Than Thought

British academic said she had to leave the country after Johns Hopkins declined to submit an application to renew her H-1B visa due to perceived likelihood of denial.

Open Access at the Movies

A new documentary film taking aim at for-profit publishers is about to be screened at universities around the world, but will it further the goals of the open-access movement?

A Race Against Time to Preserve University Media Collections

Irreplaceable audio and video recordings from the 20th century are languishing in university collections, deteriorating. Can they be saved?

Open-Access Best Sellers

As downloads of free scholarly books soar, what's getting read?

‘Big Deal’ Cancellations Gain Momentum

An increasing number of universities are ending, or threatening to end, bundled journal subscriptions with major publishers.

Fake News Forever!

When historians seek to understand historical matters, asks Gerald R. Beasley, where will they turn for information about the deleted accounts of fake news that may have influenced those events?

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Moving thousands of scholarly treasures out of the fine arts library at UT Austin has faculty members riled. Should a maker space and other meeting areas replace the stacks?

A Revolt Over Journal Archives

British universities protest, and publisher drops plan for extra charges for articles more than 20 years old.