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A student meets with a mentor

Graduate Mentorship—Why It Matters and What Makes It Effective

A May report from the American Council on Education offers university leaders insight into the value of mentorship programs for underrepresented students in graduate education and recommendations for establishing their own.

Overhead view of a group of young entrepreneurs working together in a start-up business meeting

Career Prep Tip: Hire Students to Counsel and Coach Their Peers

Claremont Graduate University employs students to provide professional development support and help the career services office identify innovative ways to reach other students.

E/V Nautilus sails on the ocean

All Aboard STEMSEAS for Career Exploration

NSF-funded grant program offers undergraduate students an opportunity to explore careers in STEM and gain hands-on experience in geosciences with a week at sea.

Four businesspeople examine a data visualization on a virtual screen.

Data Skills Are Just as Important as Soft Skills in Higher Education

Higher education needs to prepare students for a data-driven world, but so far it is falling short. Here’s how to get there, writes data science expert Nathan Kelber.

Three students wearing Saxbys shirts smile behind the register in the coffee shop

Experiential Learning Cafe Provides Internship Credit, Life Skills

Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland opened a Saxbys cafe in August, offering students a new employment opportunity on campus and experiential learning for the designated student CEO.

A business woman sits on a chair, with a mobility aid beside her, and speaks with another woman, also sitting.

Supporting the Entrepreneurial Goals of College Students With Disabilities

Higher ed institutions can work more effectively and closely with disabled students who have entrepreneurial goals, writes Diego Mariscal, who founded a nonprofit start-up accelerator for business owners with disabilities while still in school. He recommends three actions to help.

A group of students enter a lecture hall

Program Innovation: Career Exploration and Planning in First-Year Seminars

Bunker Hill Community College in Boston redesigned its introductory and first-year seminar courses to incorporate career exploration and skill identification among students, raising confidence among learners.

A group of engineering students in blue coveralls listens to a professor.

Positive Partnership: Creating a Nuclear Engineering Talent Pipeline

Tennessee Tech University established a partnership with a local environmental cleanup organization focused on career-readiness for engineering students to work in eastern Tennessee.