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5 Types of Workplace Writing Students Can Practice in Class

From memos and reports to self-assessments and slide decks, writing skills often needed on the job don’t tend to be taught in college. But professors can incorporate workplace writing into course assignments.

A Match Made Online: Virtual Speed-Round Networking

Grinnell College arranges short, online video calls between students and alumni for networking opportunities.

4 Strategies for Student Career Readiness

A NACE survey finds students who engage with campus career centers receive more job offers and paid internships than their peers who do not. Here’s how to make career readiness a strategy rather than a scramble.

Student Industry Coordinators Serve as Alumni Network Bridge

Hamilton College’s Connect Team unites students and their major interests to the college’s alumni community with events, blogs and interviews.

Breaking Down Barriers to Internships

The lack of valuable career-related work experiences for community college students often comes down to time and money. California Community Colleges chancellor Daisy Gonzales addresses these issues and how institutions can help.

A Need to Succeed: What Students Want and Get From Internships

Students evaluate internships and experiential learning opportunities, including virtual roles that the pandemic made more widely available, and how stronger partnerships and other efforts would help.