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Wall Separating Black College From White Neighborhood Torn Down

an eight-foot wall originally erected to keep Morgan State University, a historically Black institution, separate from an adjoining white neighborhood...

Georgia Senate Committee Reports on Ways to Support HBCUs

A Georgia Senate committee released a new report on the needs of the state’s 10 historically Black colleges and universities...

HBCU Leaders Build New Ties in Israel

A delegation of historically Black college and university presidents traveled to Israel this month to meet with agriculture and tech researchers at Israeli universities and explore future partnerships.

Will More Medical Schools Mean More Black Doctors?

New medical schools are on the horizon, including at two Black colleges. They will be challenged to collectively increase the number of Black doctors.

NASA Launches Plans to Support Minority-Serving Institutions

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently launched an equity action plan with steps to offer more resources and opportunities...

Michelle Obama Launches HBCU Voter Registration Challenge

Former first lady Michelle Obama and basketball player Chris Paul, co-chairs of the organization When We All Vote, have launched a voter registration challenge for HBCU students.

An Online Hub for Learning and Community Building

The United Negro College Fund is launching a new online learning platform where HBCU students and scholars at different institutions across the country can learn and connect.

‘If I’m Hungry, the Last Thing I’m Worried About Is Physics II’

A new survey of nearly 5,000 students at historically Black colleges and universities found that they faced food shortages and unstable housing and experienced homelessness during 2019–20.