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GPT in Higher Education

ChatGPT has caught our attention in higher education. What will it mean in 2023?

A Dozen Years of Decline

Higher education in its traditional form is shrinking.

Deconstructing ChatGPT on the Future of Continuing Education

The future has arrived in continuing education—however, many have yet to realize the arrival.

Time to Consider Your Social Media Options

As higher ed professionals, this is a good time to rethink our social platforms.

Universities Looking Beyond the Traditional For-Credit Semester Experiences

Survey shows nearly half said they chose their college on the basis of potential career prospects, but only 11 percent felt prepared to enter the workforce.

AI Transforming Education

Artificial intelligence has begun impacting education, but the best is yet to come!

Higher Ed Curricula—the Short Game

It is time that we prepare for adding a more relevant, more responsive, student-centered, technology-delivered curriculum.

Faculty Teaching the Way They Were Taught

Whether you consider teaching an art, craft, science or profession, it is clear that K-12 teachers are more fully prepared than many of us who teach in higher ed.