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Higher Ed Heat Wave

At colleges in regions unaccustomed to the extreme heat, students and employees try their best to stay cool.

Higher Education Can't Wait

Talk about fundamental changes is well and good, but colleges can and should adopt proven reforms (expanding access to bottleneck courses, lowering textbook costs) right now, write Gene Hickok and Tom Shaver.

It’s Only Getting Hotter

After winning over boards of some small colleges, movement to divest endowments from fossil fuel companies gains momentum. But while pressure is likely to increase, wealthy institutions worry about financial cost.

Nemo on Campus

Images from New England colleges coping with the great blizzard of 2013.

A Good Night for Facilities

Voters in New Jersey and in several community college districts approve measures.

Coup at Environmental Journal?

Editorial board quits to protest shifts in leadership and direction – away from sociology and green theory and toward what critics see as a business-oriented approach.

Uproar Over a Slaughter

Green Mountain College says it will live by its philosophy of sustainability when it kills two beloved campus oxen, and serves their meat in the dining hall. Many students and alumni are horrified.

Green Ideas

Middlebury burns biomass, UNC Chapel Hill (re)claims a new water supply, and Michigan State relies on environmental stewards.