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The Campus Child Care Crisis

Emporia State will close its campus child care center next year. Parents are pushing back, highlighting the nationwide shortage of affordable options in higher education and beyond.

Colleges Face a Student Housing Squeeze

Some colleges attribute long wait lists for campus housing to heightened demand for a residential experience following two-plus years of COVID-19 disruptions.

A Cash-Strapped Public University Turns to the Private Sector

Officials at Eastern Michigan University say a new public-private partnership is the only way to solve their student housing woes. Some worry about a slide toward privatization.

Virtual Reality Boosts Students’ Empathy for Nature

VR can complement undergraduate environmental education in meaningful ways—and even offer opportunities and insight that are inaccessible by other means.

A New Plan to Fix Old Buildings

Many public universities face a costly backlog of facilities maintenance and renewal projects. The University of Nebraska is trying a new approach to finance infrastructure repairs well into the future.

Howard’s $785M Investment Far Surpasses Other HBCUs

Most historically Black colleges and universities can’t fix existing facilities, let alone build new ones. In a perennially underfunded sector, Howard University’s $785 million for construction stands out.

The California Student Housing Crunch

With rents higher than tuition and fees at many California colleges, a growing number of students face housing insecurity, forced to live in hotels or cars. Institutions can’t build dorms fast enough.

Professors Say Their Building Is Killing Them

Florida State closes its health sciences building after a faculty report details an apparent cancer cluster, black debris falling from air vents, dangerous radon levels and more. Professors say earlier action may have saved lives.