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Rethinking Carbon Neutrality in Higher Education

Colleges can’t view it as the end goal to responding effectively to the climate crisis, argue Alex Barron, Aaron Strong and Lucy Metz, who offer five other recommendations for action.

As Students Lead, Will Harvard Follow?

The university’s divestment is powerful, but it must do more to model climate leadership, write Ilana Cohen and Tim Wirth.

To Thank or Not to Thank: Students in Divestment Fight

Experts say crediting students for their climate advocacy is wise. But institutions tend to minimize the role campus activists may have played in helping them decide to divest from fossil fuels.

What Is a Campus?

It is indeed a physical space, Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt writes, but it also embodies a host of aspirations that lie at the very heart of higher education.

The Future of the Physical Campus

As one university plans to sell or repurpose a million square feet of campus space, experts discuss the role of in-person education as the pandemic recedes.

Preparing for a Crisis

Colleges have made progress on building climate sustainability. Now they’re looking to build climate resilience.

Universities Must Do More to Address the Climate Emergency

In the face of unprecedented crises, we should be collaborating more with the youth movement to bring about significant and lasting systemic change, Santa Ono and Grace Nosek urge.

Sovereignty Through Sustainability

President Biden has requested money to help tribal colleges transition to renewable energy. While tribal colleges have the will and drive to invest in sustainable infrastructure, there are likely to be some challenges along the way.