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The Campus After COVID No. 1

The pandemic recovery may involve reimagining campuses with unused spaces as community hubs and large-scale resource centers, writes Mike Aziz.

The Campus After COVID No. 2

Unlike those with excess space, some colleges haven't had access to enough affordable property, writes Michael Tyre. The pandemic has provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to expand.

The Power of Now for Higher Education

Although our natural instincts as college leaders are to go into hibernation until the pandemic passes, now is the time for us to lean into the work that we do, writes Mark Zupan.

Carnegie Mellon Makes Global Goals Local

The university conducts a review of how its teaching, research and practices are aligned with United Nations-adopted sustainable development goals.

Campuses Reckon With Racist Past

College leaders are reconsidering the names of campus buildings and monuments that memorialize white supremacists, in reaction to the current movement against racial injustice.

Portraits of Diversity

In the wake of controversies over Confederate monuments and the names of buildings, Edward C. Halperin explores the best way to capture history on a college or university's walls.

Mounting Faculty Concerns About the Fall Semester

Professors across institutions increasingly wave red flags about the private and public health implications of default face-to-face instruction come fall, along with a lack of shared decision making in staffing and teaching decisions.

A Place to Call Home – and to Study

Cerritos College has opened a 28-bed housing development for homeless students as part of an initiative to help them complete their studies and earn associate degrees.