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A photo of the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court building.

Defamation Ruling Could Influence Title IX Cases, Policy

Court’s ruling that a former Yale undergraduate can sue the student who accused him of rape could be cited in future cases and litigation over federal Title IX rules, some experts assert.

A group of nine people stand in a line practicing tai chi in a well-lit studio

Phone-Free Experiences Offer Students a Digital Detox

In the age of AI, mobile internet and the metaverse, some classes and colleges are charting a simpler path, offering phone-free environments to help students destress and build community.

SUNY chancellor John B. King, a dark-skinned man wearing a suit and glasses, is pictured here standing at a podium on a stage in front of colorful images.

SUNY Adds Liaisons for Homeless Students

In a coordinated effort to address student housing insecurity, the State University of New York system will designate a staff member on every campus to work with homeless students.

A female college student sits alone in a stairwell, her chin in her hand, as another student walks up the stairs away from her in a blur.

All the Lonely Students

In promoting social connection on campus, colleges should not ignore these six insights from research, Dave Smallen writes.

Centenary University psychology professor Tal Ben-Shahar, a light-skinned man with short hair wearing glasses, stands in front of shelves of books.

As Student Mental Health Worsens, Colleges Embrace Happiness Courses

Centenary University’s new master’s degree program in happiness studies emerges as courses related to well-being proliferate on college campuses.

A screen shot of the Binghamton University Class of 2027 Facebook page

Behind the Curtain of Pay-to-Join Freshman Facebook Groups

Freshmen who want to connect with their fellow students can join unofficial college Facebook groups dedicated to finding roommates and sharing advice—for a fee.

A red King's College sign beside some colorful shrubs.

A New Legal Strategy in Sexual Assault Cases

When the victim of a campus sexual assault faced a counterclaim by her alleged attacker, she sued him for “abuse of the Title IX process," in what experts say is a new approach.

Student Suicides Prompt $38 Million Building Safeguards

The University of Houston announced it will spend $38 million on new safety measures at Agnes Arnold Hall, a campus...