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Faculty Teach (and Learn) Prevention

Staff who educate on health issues from alcohol abuse to sexual assault want help from the people students really look to learn from: faculty.

Beyond Sports

Spelman is eliminating intercollegiate athletics and withdrawing from NCAA competition, instead focusing on a campus-wide wellness initiative that emphasizes fitness for everyone.

Students Rate Mental Health Services

New survey reports from students' perspective on how well or poorly colleges responded to mental health problems -- and in some cases a lack of response resulted in the student leaving campus.

A New Booze Worry

Following news of a student being hospitalized after allegedly receiving alcohol enema, experts debate whether this is a trend. Either way, they say, education is needed.

Focus on Party Hosts

To prevent alcohol-related deaths of students, colleges need to get realistic about campus culture, and to be willing to help those organizing social events with booze do so in safer ways, writes Rick C. Jakeman.

Visionary Idea

Up to 15 percent of students at Paul Quinn College needed eye glasses but couldn't afford them. Thanks to a blend of conviction, fund-raising and serendipity, now they can.

Health Care Costs Climb

Rate of growth in campus spending on health benefits slowed a bit in 2012, and more campuses offered consumer-driven plans and wellness programs, annual survey shows.