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Wellness Tip: Host a Mini Horse Visit to Provide Stress Relief, Fun for Students

During stressful times in the academic year, some higher ed institutions are bringing in mini horses to promote student wellness, increase morale and expose students to equines.

Stress Prevents Students From Pursuing Higher Ed

A new study finds most people who have never attended college cite stress as a key factor. Researchers say promoting campus mental health resources might help win them over.

Wellness Tip: Teach Professors Mindfulness

A new program at the University of Rochester provides mindfulness training to faculty, aiming to increase capacity for handling student concerns.

Student Athletes Get Mental Health Strength Training

Athletic teams at University of California, Irvine, learn to talk about mental health and spot each other’s well-being—in the gym, on the field and elsewhere.

Restructuring Counseling Centers—and Ousting Directors

Several institutions have replaced counseling center directors with new administrators as part of an effort to restructure health services and expand mental health care.

Can Dining Halls Help Students With Eating Disorders?

Dining halls can be land mines for students with eating disorders. Some universities want to change that.

‘Incrementally’ Moving Away From Police

It’s not just cities and towns that have worked to reform their police practices since 2020. Some campuses are trying to incorporate alternative models, too.

Marijuana Use on Campus Grew as Legalization Spread

A study finds that increased cannabis use among students, including vaping, is common on college campuses.