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How a Canadian Billionaire Reshaped the King’s College

An entrepreneur’s for-profit education company promised to save an evangelical liberal arts college with online enrollments. Now critics are blaming it for pushing the college to the brink of closure.

90-10 Loophole Closed

Education Department also releases new accountability measures for when colleges and universities change ownership, along with regulations for prison education programs.

Stop Federally Subsidizing For-Profit Institutions

The U.S. government should stand with students by ending federal loans for for-profit institutions, Terry Vaughan III and Nicole Brunt write.

2 Colleges Flounder Under Chinese Owners

Ambow Education purchased Bay State College in 2017 and the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in 2020. Now critics say both institutions are in shambles.

Why Would-Be Students Aren’t Choosing College

A new study explores why students drop out of college or choose not to enroll.

New Affiliate Network Launches to Meet Colleges’ Needs

Core Education Services will help small and midsize colleges with such challenges as employee recruitment, enrollment and technology modernization, among other things.

History Hiring in the Pandemic

New report from the American Historical Association shows that job ads, a proxy for faculty hiring, declined dramatically in 2020–21 but have started to rebound. The long-term outlook remains sobering.

Bringing Back Stop-Outs

Four University of California campuses are joining forces to boost enrollment by recruiting former UC students who left without completing a degree.