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Losing Money on Graduate Degrees

A new report finds that STEM programs and professional degrees often pay off, while those in arts and humanities frequently do not. Many M.B.A. programs also offer a negative return on investment.

Helping Single Moms Finish College

A new program in Chicago gives single moms who enroll in college a monthly $500 stipend to spend however they want. Other efforts are emerging to boost the graduation rate of student parents.

A Plan to Renew Gainful Employment

Education Department sets out some ideas, but they are still a long way from completion. One idea is to require all colleges to report some information on their outcomes.

UAGC's Struggles Grow as Lawsuit and Investigation Outcomes Loom

With its accreditor’s decision on potential sanctions due soon, the University of Arizona Global Campus is also contending with lower-than-expected enrollment and a California lawsuit against its corporate partner.

The (Renewed) Fight Over Gainful Employment

Many other fights that focus on for-profit higher education will be center stage in a round of negotiated rule making sponsored by the Department of Education this week. Will the negotiators find consensus on any issues?

Offloading Steinways Amid Music Program Cuts

As part of Pennsylvania’s plan to consolidate operations for public universities, Lock Haven is eliminating its music major and donating 11 of 22 Steinway pianos to other colleges and nonprofits.

Using Pell to Police For-Profits?

Stakeholders argue that there are more appropriate ways to hold for-profit institutions accountable than excluding their students from using the Build Back Better Act’s increase to the maximum Pell Grant.

What’s Going on Here, Guys?

Men are checking out of college, and that should worry us all, writes Angela Baldasare. What can colleges do to boost male students’ motivation and success?