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Report: College Access Remains Inequitable at Selective Publics

An examination of the most selective public universities in the country found that representation of students of color has seen few -- if any -- improvements since 2000.

Pandemic Worsened Public Higher Ed's Biggest Challenges

The coronavirus pandemic exacerbated issues like government funding, student mental health and diversity and inclusion, according to a new report by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities.

Can Public College Systems Stave Off Closures?

Some public colleges are already on the chopping block. But as college and university systems brace for incoming state budget cuts, they can streamline services and work cohesively to save money, experts say.

UC Faculty: Keep Tests, for Now

The University of California's Academic Senate declines to endorse test-optional admissions policies for the system.

Education Deserts

New report examines access to postsecondary opportunities by ZIP code, questions the impact of free college and says for-profit institutions fill gaps between public colleges.

Flagships Fail on Financial Equity

Most public flagship universities are failing to meet the financial needs of low- and middle-income students, a report finds, and are overly subsidizing wealthier students.

Race, Geography and Degree Attainment

Residents of rural counties typically are much less likely to hold a college degree, new analysis finds, and urban and suburban areas often feature wide attainment gaps across racial lines.

‘Higher Ed’s Most Important Watchdog’?

Two new governors want to raise the profile of state coordinating boards, but legislators and public flagship universities may balk at the idea.