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Another Liberal Arts Critic

North Carolina governor becomes the latest Republican to question the value of liberal arts, push more vocational training and target the state's flagship.

What a University Owes a Town

In the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook, Susan Herbst -- president of a university in the shadow of Newtown, Conn. -- assesses the tragedy's implications for her institution, and others.

Brand New Online Heavies

Nonprofit colleges are moving into for-profits' turf online, study finds, sparking new competition based on price and brand.

The Power of Systemness

Leaders like SUNY's Nancy Zimpher want to rethink public higher education in ways that emphasize state and student needs and strengthen the colleges that do the heavy lifting, writes Sara Goldrick-Rab.

Get Me a Med School! Stat!

Several prominent universities, driven by revenue and prestige concerns, are building or merging with medical schools at a furious pace.