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Jewish students at Brown University share a meal in a park as the sun sets.

Jewish Student Enrollment Is Down at Many Ivies

Jewish students are enrolling less at many of the Ivies and going to a broader range of institutions than before.

Dean Allegedly Fired for Support of LGBTQ+ Rights

Mark Maddix, a dean at Point Loma Nazarene University, has been fired from the private Christian institution, allegedly for supporting...

How a Canadian Billionaire Reshaped the King’s College

An entrepreneur’s for-profit education company promised to save an evangelical liberal arts college with online enrollments. Now critics are blaming it for pushing the college to the brink of closure.

The Aftershocks of the Asbury Revival

Christians from across the country flocked to Asbury University after students led a spontaneous, round-the-clock prayer service that lasted more than two weeks. Participants and skeptics on and off campus are now processing what happened.

King’s College Faces Financial Peril

The King’s College needs $2.6 million to meet its “immediate needs” and stave off closure. Weeks into the fundraising effort, less than $200,000 has been donated.

Biden Administration to Rescind Part of Religious Freedom Rule

But the administration says it is standing firm on religious freedom in higher education.

When a Hamline Happens

Carol Quillen considers questions and challenges brought to the fore by the controversy over images of the Prophet Muhammad shown in an art class.

Academic Freedom or Muslim Students’ Rights? The Answer Is Neither

The perceived choice demeans the rationality and intellect of devout Muslims and diminishes the university practices needed to accommodate Muslim students with respect.