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Sea Change or Small Step Toward Interreligious Inclusion?

Belmont University, which solely employed Christian faculty members, plans to hire some Jewish professors. Supporters say the decision will promote religious inclusion at the institution. Critics believe it either goes too far or not far enough.

Academic Freedom vs. Rights of Muslim Students

An instructor at Hamline U showed an image of Muhammad in an art history class. The president criticized the instructor for doing so. Another professor, who tried to explain the situation with an essay in the student paper, had his piece removed.

Addressing Antisemitism as a DEI Priority

Professional development opportunities can improve campus administrators’ understanding of antisemitism and Jewish identity, Naomi Greenspan writes.

Falwell in Exile

Jerry Falwell Jr. built Liberty University up before resigning as president amid a sex scandal. Now he’s banned from campus and locked in conflict with the institution his father founded.

Affirming LGBTQ Rights—at a Cost

Eastern University says it will now hire LGBTQ employees, risking its membership in prominent group for Christian colleges.

Stopping the Tide of Campus Antisemitism

A wave of anti-Israel and often antisemitic activity has made American campuses an increasingly unsafe place for Jewish students, Jonathan Greenblatt writes.

Reckoning With the Past, Looking Toward the Future

Stanford University uncovered a history of the institution limiting Jewish student enrollments, and now the university is looking for ways to redress its past.

A ‘Pro-Life’ Medical School

Plans are underway for a new, independent Catholic medical school on the campus of Benedictine College that will strictly adhere to Catholic principles on abortion and end-of-life issues.