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Cardinal Questions

Can believers and unbelievers find fellowship? Scott McLemee looks at the 21st-century dialogue between faith and reason.

Mission-Driven Change

A lowered age of eligibility for Mormon missionaries is likely to ripple through higher education, pressuring the finances of LDS-heavy institutions and reshaping undergraduate culture for those of the faith.

Next Phase of Birth Control Fight

Obama proposes that religious colleges be exempt from paying for employee birth control, but those on their plans would still receive contraceptive coverage.

Settlement in Counseling Conflict

Eastern Michigan settles former graduate student's lawsuit challenging curricular requirements that conflicted with her religious beliefs.

Praying for Jobs

Since 2008, academic job openings in religion have dropped sharply -- and the positions that do exist are more likely than in the past to be non-tenure-track.

Xavier Keeps Contraception Benefit

The Catholic college, which made headlines by eliminating the coverage for employees, changes course.

'No Longer Invisible'

A new book argues that colleges can find revitalization by paying more attention to religion on campus.