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Amid Enrollment Drop, Linked Institutions Cut Humanities Offerings

Linked Minnesota Catholic institutions are downsizing languages and other humanities offerings amid declining enrollment.

The Aftershocks of the Asbury Revival

Christians from across the country flocked to Asbury University after students led a spontaneous, round-the-clock prayer service that lasted more than two weeks. Participants and skeptics on and off campus are now processing what happened.

King’s College Faces Financial Peril

The King’s College needs $2.6 million to meet its “immediate needs” and stave off closure. Weeks into the fundraising effort, less than $200,000 has been donated.

An Unlikely Pairing

Hilbert College, a nonprofit Catholic institution in New York, is purchasing for-profit Valley College, which has four sites in Ohio and West Virginia. That makes for an unusual match.

Sea Change or Small Step Toward Interreligious Inclusion?

Belmont University, which solely employed Christian faculty members, plans to hire some Jewish professors. Supporters say the decision will promote religious inclusion at the institution. Critics believe it either goes too far or not far enough.

Falwell in Exile

Jerry Falwell Jr. built Liberty University up before resigning as president amid a sex scandal. Now he’s banned from campus and locked in conflict with the institution his father founded.

Affirming LGBTQ Rights—at a Cost

Eastern University says it will now hire LGBTQ employees, risking its membership in prominent group for Christian colleges.

Yale Law Once Again in Conservative Crosshairs

Lingering free speech concerns from past events at Yale Law School prompt a conservative judge to call for his colleagues to avoid hiring graduates as clerks.