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A ‘Pro-Life’ Medical School

Plans are underway for a new, independent Catholic medical school on the campus of Benedictine College that will strictly adhere to Catholic principles on abortion and end-of-life issues.

‘Mining the Depths of Our Differences’

A program seeks to build bridges between conservative Christian colleges and colleges known for their liberal ideals. The goal is to chip away at religious and political polarization on campuses and nationwide.

Colleges Face a Student Housing Squeeze

Some colleges attribute long wait lists for campus housing to heightened demand for a residential experience following two-plus years of COVID-19 disruptions.

Seattle Pacific Sues Washington AG

The Christian university is suing the Washington attorney general for investigating its anti-LGBTQ+ hiring practices, arguing it violates the institution’s First Amendment rights.

Overhauling Mental Health

Cal State Long Beach is launching an ambitious series of mental health initiatives that pair students and administrators with practitioners and community members to make resources more accessible.

How Religious Colleges View the Dobbs Decision

Some religious colleges are celebrating the demise of federal abortion rights while others are taking a more nuanced stance. A rare few are condemning the Supreme Court’s decision outright.

The Board of Trustees vs. Everyone

Seattle Pacific University’s board voted to maintain a policy that bars hiring LGBTQ+ individuals. The decision has sparked protests from students and faculty who are pushing to change the policy.

A 5th Straight Semester of Enrollment Declines

New data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show total enrollment declined 4.1 percent since last spring. Community colleges are once again the sector hit the hardest.