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A photograph of a University of Maryland at College Park building with letters spelling "Biology - Psychology" above the entrance.

Retracted Papers, Co-Authored by the Editor in Chief

The Journal of Counseling Psychology’s editor in chief requested retractions of eight articles with his name on them after a University of Maryland investigation found research consent issues.

Black Editor Rejects Texas A&M Job Offer to Revive J-School

The former University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism director, who’s also a veteran New York Times editor, turned...

Arraignment for Alleged UCSD Chalk Vandals Delayed

Monday’s arraignment was canceled for two University of California, San Diego, graduate student researchers and one postdoctoral researcher who allegedly...
A photograph of the University of California, San Diego's Marine Conservation and Technology Facility.

Academic Unions: Chalk, Markers Led to Felony Vandalism Charges

The University of California at San Diego police department arrested two students and a graduate for "felony vandalism" of a new building. The university says they did more than $12,000 in damage, but the unions said they used washable markers and chalk.

Stanford Graduate Student Workers Vote to Unionize

Stanford University graduate student workers who teach and research have unionized, the new Stanford Graduate Workers Union announced Thursday. The...
A graph showing the annual number of Chinese-descent scientists who have left the U.S. for either China/Hong Kong or other countries. The numbers going to China steadily increased from 2010 to 2021, with an even faster increase since 2018.

Chinese Scientists Increasingly Leaving U.S.

A new study suggests the Department of Justice’s China Initiative investigations may have strengthened the foreign power by encouraging more scientists to relocate there.

A photo of Bandy X. Lee, a light-skinned woman with dark hair and bangs, leaning on a shelf in a library.

Yale Professor Who Diagnosed Dershowitz and Trump in Tweet Loses Appeal

A professor lost her—“voluntary,” as Yale puts it—position after tweeting about the two. The courts have dismissed her lawsuit.

An image composed of various election-related phrases layered atop one another, incluidng "2020 election," "Misinformation" and "democratic process."

Conservatives Sue, Investigate Disinformation Researchers

A second lawsuit alleges a Stanford University–University of Washington collaboration worked to “censor” Americans’ speech. The new suit takes aim at the researchers themselves.