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Not-So-Great Expectations

Several professors recently have come under fire for communications with students they intended to remain private. But little is private in the Internet age, experts say.

Who Holds the Rights?

A new report from AAUP charges that universities are trying to diminish professors' patent rights in the age of online content.

Charting a Course

In report to faculty and students, UT president outlines principles for online education and asks for greater input from professors.

Canned for Speaking Out?

Jared Lisonbee lost faculty job soon after questioning naming of new program at Weber State after Mormon leader who has expressed anti-gay views. Many wonder about a connection.

Impure Plastic?

Eastman Chemical's lawsuit raises issues about academic and corporate research and conflicts of interest.

Reins on Moonlighting

In an effort to prevent online companies from competing against it using its own faculty, the University of Pennsylvania drafts new guidelines for faculty.

Adieu, Aaron

He was a prodigy, a hacker, and a Robin Hood of knowledge. Scott McLemee recalls a friend who died too young.

'The Prevailing Party'

Judge in Georgia State copyright case deals another blow to publishers, declares victory for the university.