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Pearson Sues Chegg, Alleging Copyright Infringement

The lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for the growing online study guide industry.

Intellectual Property ‘Grab’

Youngstown State faculty members say university is trying to seize all rights to their intellectual property.

Coercion of Grads, and Now IP Theft?

Former professor at Missouri Kansas City, who's accused of forcing graduate students to work at his home, is now accused of stealing a grad student's work and profiting from it.

Missing Federal Aid Payments

In a possibly unprecedented case, Argosy University fails to distribute millions in federal aid to students as its campuses are on the brink of closing.

Who Owns Faculty Work at Purdue Global?

AAUP releases a nondisclosure agreement professors must sign that appears to bar them from sharing much of anything or criticizing the program after they leave.

Should a Donor Dictate Who Is President?

UNLV president signed a gift agreement that said a $14 million pledge was valid only if he was in the job. He's leaving, and the pledge has evaporated. Agreement raises questions on governance and fund-raising ethics.

Incubation's Unintended Consequences

New study indicates business incubators can have adverse impacts on research and innovation.

Intellectual Property Problems

New book highlights intellectual property practices that the author says are dangerous for the public's interest in higher ed.