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'My Vote Doesn't Matter'

Colleges can help students surmount political cynicism, write Paul Loeb, Alexander Astin and Parker J. Palmer.

Luxurious Living

The ornate lobby of Saint Leo's newest residence hall is designed to be a community space for all students, not just those who live in the building.

'Sex and God at Yale'

Recent graduate's book takes on what he sees as hedonistic and irresponsible culture on campus.

Ready to Feel Old?

Beloit releases annual "mindset list" showing how many experiences divide the new freshman class and those who will be teaching them.

Double Standard on the Wane

Study finds college students increasingly apply the same judgments (or no judgment at all) to males and females who enjoy sexual hook-ups.

Bacon Ban

The president of Paul Quinn makes no apologies for eliminating pork from dining options as part of health initiative. But students don't always take well to menu tinkering.