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Eroding Retirement Contributions

For many faculty members, this year has been one of adjusting to the reality that their retirement nest egg is...

Extra Nudge into the Sunset

Tough budget times have colleges offering early retirement incentives to free up funds, and others report difficulties maintaining current retirement contribution levels.

Worry, but Not Panic

TIAA-CREF survey of academic employees nearing retirement age finds plenty of concern about finances, but relatively modest shifts in investment strategies.

Staying on the Job

Survey from TIAA-CREF backs anecdotal evidence that economic downturn is leading professors to delay retirement plans.

Competition for Retiree Health Benefits

TIAA-CREF will challenge Emeriti for an increasingly important market as colleges seek incentives to encourage employee retirements.

How to View the Market

In podcast interview, TIAA-CREF investment guru shares perspectives on the economic mess -- and how it may change (or not change) the strategies of academics at all stages of their careers.

Will Professors Delay Retirements?

Plenty are seeing their funds shrink amid Wall Street's woes. While that's not unique to higher ed, academe may face particular challenges if more faculty hold off on going emeritus.

A Moral Obligation to Retire?

Philosophers offer views -- ethical and practical -- on whether older scholars should be making room for new Ph.D.'s.