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Chart of the Average Tuition Discount Rate

Tuition Discount Rates Hit New High

According to a new NACUBO study, private college tuition discount rates hit a record 56.2 percent, continuing a pattern of annual increases.

Photo of graduate wearing a mortar board with a sunset in the background.

The Push for a 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree

Representatives from a dozen colleges met at Georgetown University last week to discuss three-year bachelor’s degree pilot programs. Their ambitions are grand, but the future is uncertain.

Stanford Raises Tuition Sharply but Expands Aid

Stanford cited inflation as the cause for a 7 percent tuition hike, which will be offset by increased aid for many students. Experts expect less severe increases at other institutions.

Rising Production Cost – and Rising Resentment

The reasons why higher ed costs so much to produce also explain why historical esteem for higher education has shifted to resentment, write Bruce A. Kimball and Sarah M. Iler.

New Campaign Wants to Prove ‘College Is Worth It’

The National Association of System Heads begins an initiative to bolster the public’s view of higher education by demonstrating—and where necessary improving—how the institutions drive social mobility and individual "prosperity."

Commonplace or a Painful Practice?

Students at Morehouse College are up in arms about scholarship refunds they were expecting but won’t receive. The controversy sheds light on a larger debate about how colleges apply external and internal scholarships to student expenses.

How Colleges Measure and Prove Their Value

With public doubts escalating about whether going to college is “worth it,” campus leaders and policy analysts discuss steps institutions are taking to show how they help students and society.

Report: Small Rise in Tuition Rates

A new report from the College Board finds tuition holding steady, with minimal increases. But given rampant inflation, experts wonder how long institutions can keep prices down.