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Students Who ‘Stand to Lose the Most’

Community college students, especially students of color and student parents, experience high levels of food and housing insecurity, according to a new report.

How Federal and State Policies Judge Colleges’ ‘Value’: Key Podcast

Governments lean heavily on postcollege earnings to assess program quality. Should they broaden the measures they use and apply scrutiny to all institutions?

A Federal-State Partnership for Higher Ed Funding

The federal government can play a role in reducing public college costs by establishing a flexible matching grant program, Kevin Miller writes.

"The Psychological Power of the Word 'Free' "

Some community colleges that lost enrollment during the pandemic are luring students back by promising them free tuition.

Helping Students and Staff as Inflation Soars

Some higher ed institutions are working to ease financial burdens on students and employees as the cost of food, gas and basic essentials continues to rise.

Tuition Discounts Hit Another Record High

Tuition discount rates at private colleges reached a record high of 54.5 percent, according to a new NACUBO study. That signals that financial aid is available—but also that pricing is arbitrary.

Inflation Swells Tuition Prices

College tuition largely held steady during the pandemic. Now rampant inflation is pushing tuition costs up, with some institutions approving steep increases unseen since the recession of 2008.

Righting ‘Historical Wrongs’

Campus leaders and state policy makers are introducing tuition waivers for Native American students at colleges and universities across the country.