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Betting on Pennsylvania Students

Pennsylvania’s governor is proposing a scholarship program for in-state college students for a third time. The stakes haven’t changed, but neither has the opposition from the horse-racing industry, whose revenues would partly fund the program.

Rising Freshmen’s Concern With College Costs Has Limits

Students would give a lower rank to a college if it cut nonacademic amenities to save money, survey finds.

Clearing the ‘Final Obstacle’ to a Degree

New report suggests a microgrant program at Georgia State helps students complete their degrees faster and with less debt.

Report: When College Doesn’t Pay Off

New data from Georgetown show that nearly a third of colleges and universities leave most students worse off 10 years after enrolling than their peers with only a high school diploma.

California 2-Year Colleges to Begin $115M OER Experiment

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office will send funds to the state’s 116 community colleges to create more open educational resource classes beginning next month.

UAGC's Struggles Grow as Lawsuit and Investigation Outcomes Loom

With its accreditor’s decision on potential sanctions due soon, the University of Arizona Global Campus is also contending with lower-than-expected enrollment and a California lawsuit against its corporate partner.

Perceptions of Affordability

High school juniors who believe they can’t afford higher education are about 20 percentage points less likely to attend college within the first three years after high school than peers who don’t think affordability is a barrier.

Rhetorical War Over Online Versus In-Person Instruction

The chancellor of Northeastern University described in-person learning as “the gold standard,” sparking outcry from administrators of online education who strongly disagree.