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Online Course Provider Shops More Affordable College Credits

TEL Education partners with institutions to offer high school students a low-cost way to start their college careers. Critics worry about quality and transferability.

A New Push to Create a 3-Year Degree Option

Higher education thought leaders and colleges are working together to create a three-year bachelor’s degree program that will offer all the value of a four-year degree—for less cost.

Tuition Increases Remain at a Historic Low

As tuition rises slowly, the amount of federal loans students and parents take on to finance higher education declines, the College Board’s annual report shows.

Judging a Degree by the Program, Not the College

Two new studies examine which degree programs at which institutions offer graduates the best chance of recouping their costs and repaying their loans.

The ‘Human Cost’ of Stranded Credits

A new report explores the lived experiences of students sidelined by college credits withheld because of unpaid debts owed to the institutions they attend.

How Much of a Relief?

Colleges and universities are paying off millions in unpaid balances owed to them by students. But advocates for reducing student loan debt say clearing these arrears puts only a small dent in students' overall debt loads

The Complexities of Free College

Scholars argue in a new report that implementing a nationwide free college program is more complicated than it sounds and there are better ways for the government to support low-income students.

Limited Access, Thwarted Opportunities

The requirements for tuition-free college programs can often create obstacles for adult learners who want to participate, according to a new report.