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Two police officers walk through the University of Chicago campus.

Colleges Fall Victim to Fake Shooter Threats

Nearly two dozen colleges have fallen victim to “swatting” threats in recent weeks. Public safety officials say they must be treated as real; for students, they often feel that way.

A blurry crowd of people with an Asian woman in focus at the center

Is Gun Violence Scaring Off International Students?

Campus shootings have become a major concern for those from abroad, particularly Asia. For many, a U.S. education is still worth the risk—but experts say each incident makes recruitment harder.

Temple University President Resigns

Jason Wingard has stepped down after mounting pressures related to campus violence and workforce issues. His sudden resignation ends a tenure marked by controversy.

A ‘Policy Violation’ or Free Speech?

Several faculty leaders from Indiana University campuses wrote a letter opposing proposed state abortion legislation and defending a colleague. An IU official called it a “policy violation,” a new report reveals.

‘Incrementally’ Moving Away From Police

It’s not just cities and towns that have worked to reform their police practices since 2020. Some campuses are trying to incorporate alternative models, too.

Michigan State Prepares for Return of Students

The university will allow all students to choose whether they want to receive pass-fail or letter grades for their courses. One of the injured students, who is from China, is paralyzed from the chest down.

Deadly Shooting at Michigan State

A gunman unaffiliated with the university killed three students and critically wounded five others before killing himself.

‘We Do Not Want Cop City’

Some students at historically Black colleges in Atlanta are protesting a police training center scheduled for construction. They and some of their professors want campus leaders to denounce the project.