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In Austin, Alleged Threats for Criticizing DEI

An associate professor who has denounced his university’s approaches to a slew of progressive issues is alleging his own “viewpoint diversity” is being threatened.

Temple Demands Strikers Pay for Tuition, Health Care

The university has ended striking graduate student workers’ health coverage and, in what the AFT calls an “unprecedented” move, is demanding they pay tuition, too. Temple says over 80 percent of the local union members aren’t striking.

Counterclaims of ‘Antisemitic,’ ‘Anti-Arab’ in a Diversity Course

Jewish students and a pro-Israel group are accusing an Arab professor and critic of Israeli policy of antisemitism. She’s accusing them of being racist and anti-Arab. She teaches a diversity course.
A smiling Thomas Meixner

Faculty: Repeated Threats Unheeded, Professor Murdered

University of Arizona professor Thomas Meixner was shot to death in October, allegedly by an ousted student. A new faculty report says multiple departments were repeatedly warned about the student, but university administrators failed to act effectively.

Florida Atlantic Provost Jokes About Bestiality

A faculty member raised a concern about targeting of LGBTQ faculty. The interim provost replied with a bestiality joke. The faculty member calls it a “teachable moment.”

A Holocaust Remembrance Planning Committee, With No Jews

All the Jewish members of the planning committee for a Holocaust remembrance event at James Madison University resigned, and 24 Jewish staff, faculty and faculty emeriti said they were boycotting. The university held it anyway.

In Black Professor’s Firing, AAUP Finds ‘Racist Tropes’

Indiana University Northwest fired a Black professor after alleging he said something about killing white people. An AAUP report found “racist tropes of incompetent, angry and physically violent Black men in the language used to justify his dismissal.”

When a Criminology Student Turns Criminal

The man accused of murdering four University of Idaho students was pursuing a Ph.D. in criminology. Academics in his field say it’s a mistake to connect his scholarship to the brutal crime.