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Professor Indicted for Alleged Undisclosed Chinese Links

Kansas professor faces federal fraud charges for allegedly failing to disclose a full-time appointment at a Chinese university held while receiving government research grants. The indictment comes amid rising tension over Chinese scholars and security.

Another Setback to Fetal Tissue Research Under Trump

New NIH requirements create greater barriers for those seeking grants for research involving fetal tissue.

Bills Target Academic Espionage

Congress is paying increasing attention to risk of foreign actors stealing American research. Two new bills take very different approaches to addressing the threat -- and universities much prefer one approach over the other.

Stealing Innovation

FBI director addresses efforts by China to steal academic research and technology. Higher ed groups say they're taking the issue seriously.

Trump Seeks to Ax Humanities Endowment

For third year in a row, he also seeks to kill National Endowment for the Arts. Congress has rejected those proposals in the past.

Academe Must Challenge the Skeptics of Expertise

The more academics seek to inform and shape policy, the more they must confront efforts to undermine their influence, writes Linda Stamato.

Beyond the Numbers on Gender and Research

Are we thinking about gender diversity in the sciences all wrong, or at least too simply? New paper proposes a multipronged approach to thinking about and encouraging this diversity, for the benefit of science as a whole.

Science Walks, Money Talks

Two federal science agencies announce actions on harassment, to two very different reactions -- NSF moves forward with a plan to link funding to appropriate conduct, but NIH says it's not ready to take that step.