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Symbolic Setback for Science

A bipartisan effort to create a national position of "science laureate" stalls after criticism from a conservative group.

Sequester Strains Science Researchers

Across-the-board spending cuts are prompting scientists across the country to lay off staff, close laboratories and scramble for other sources of funding. Another round of reductions is slated to take effect in the coming fiscal year.

Another Whack at the Humanities

Bill would halve funding for National Endowment for the Humanities, representing biggest cut in two decades, and rallying advocates.

A Congressman's Own Peer Review

One U.S. representative blasts her colleague for questioning the wisdom of specific National Science Foundation grants, warning of unprecedented "political intrusion."

Permitting Research on Gun Violence

Obama ends de facto ban on studies supported by the CDC and other federal agencies. Many crime scholars pushed for this move.

Assessing Research Impact

Australian government plans to shift from measuring the quality of publicly funded studies alone to gauging their social, economic and environmental impact, too.

Research Spending, Before the Cliff

University spending on R&D rose by 6.9 percent in 2011, driven mostly by funds from federal stimulus. With budget cuts in offing, figures may represent a peak.