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The Intellectual Joys of University Administration -- No, Really!

George Justice and Carolyn Dever enumerate how institutional-level service can strongly benefit not only the college or university but also the lives of faculty members.

Advancing to the Presidency No. 2: Always Be Learning

S. Georgia Nugent highlights some modes of learning that are especially valuable if you aspire to be a campus leader.

Notes From a Teaching President

It can make for a grueling workweek, but the insights gained from students make teaching worth it, writes Martha D. Saunders, who offers advice to other presidents who still crave the classroom.

August Homework for College Leaders

Presidents, board chairs and other trustees should spend time now thinking about how best to prepare for potential crises that may arise in the fast-approaching new academic year, Margaret Dunning advises.

The Self-Aware Leader

Effective leadership is rooted in understanding the leader you currently are as well as the leader you need to become for your unit to thrive, write Elizabeth A. Luckman, Nicholas C. Burbules, C. K. Gunsalus and Robert A. Easter.

Team of Rivals

Katherine Haley explores why and how boards must help new presidents manage their senior teams.

When It’s Right to Walk It Back

Sometimes, you may realize after the fact that you should have made a different decision, write George Justice and Carolyn Dever, and in such cases, it's OK to hit pause and start again.

Knowing When to Leave the Presidency

We'd all prefer to leave on our own initiative and when our institution is thriving -- not when the board chair asks us to step down, writes Roger Martin.