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Navigating the Crossroads

Dinuka Gunaratne explores why making certain career decisions can seem so insurmountable and offers advice for how to do so most successfully.

Broadening Ph.D. Experiences to Enhance Your Career

Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan describes how grad students can pursue career-building strategies beyond the required curriculum.

Career Traps or Pathways?

Morris Grubbs and Austin Trantham explore the conundrum of contingent faculty jobs for academics seeking tenure-track positions.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Unknown

All new experiences involve risks, which you can work to lower through strategic career exploration, advises Chris Smith.

Teaching as a Transferrable Skill

The ability to help others learn can be applied in almost any job, and graduate students should develop it as soon as they can, writes Lauren Easterling.

Ask Us Anything

More than ever, job candidates want answers to questions they feel uncomfortable asking, and colleges should make it easier for them to get that information, writes Rachel Gabriele.

Setting up International Ph.D.s and Postdocs for Success

We should advise our temporary visa–holding trainees how to expand their skills and experiences to prepare for diverse jobs and a successful immigration process, write Paola Cépeda and Natalie Chernets.

Coming Together to Support the Nation’s STEM Pipeline

This is an opportune time to emphasize systemic changes that need to occur to nurture the next generation of scientists, Adriana Bankston writes.