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Career Shock: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Irina Filonova explores the role that chance plays in our careers and how to harness the power of happenstance to ensure your future success.

A Word to the Wise

Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan and Mark Kaloko offer three self-advocacy strategies for professional development coaches.

Build Your Résumé From the Bones Up

Taking a fresh look at how you tell your workplace story may help renew your zest for research, affirm your value and steer you in the right direction, Victoria McGovern writes.

Embracing the Intermissions in Life

Nana Lee explains why graduate students and postdocs shouldn’t worry that taking a gap year will disadvantage them in their professional development and career.

The Many Phases of Networking

The truth is that how you interact with people may change depending on where you are in your career and the type of support you need, writes Anne Meyer-Miner.

Putting an End to Abusive Workplaces

How do we optimize the learning environment in academic research labs, Patrick Brandt asks, and what must we do when the environment is toxic to trainees?

9 Ways to Avoid Job Search Fatigue

Looking for a job is draining, writes Olga Koutseridi, who gives advice for how to stay energized throughout the process.

Under-the-Radar Professional Skills

Dinuka Gunaratne and Jaya Dixit offer strategies for working effectively with graduate supervisors as well as employer managers.