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Astronomy Preprint Withdrawn Over a Co-Author’s Inclusion

An astronomy preprint’s lead author withdrew the paper and is removing one of the co-authors: Geoff Marcy, who resigned his...
A sepia-toned portrait of Ida B. Wells, a Black woman with her hair styled on top of her head.

Worthy Women

Amy Gais writes that her students judge women writers much more harshly than male writers—and considers what can be done about it.

The words "Don't bother" written on a pink note tacked to a wooden door.

Mizzou Faculty Alleges Pressure to Not Seek Tenure

A U of Missouri faculty committee report says professors have been pressured to withdraw tenure and promotion applications, or to apply to non-tenure-track positions before even submitting tenure applications.

A blue and pink flag transgender pride flies in the wind.

Biden Administration Hears From 132,000 and Counting on Title IX Rule

The rule would prevent blanket bans on transgender athletes participating in the sport that matches their gender identity, but some groups want the Education Department to do more to protect this group of students.


A Misleading Portrayal of Women's Equality in Science

A sensationalist title and a narrow definition of bias render an article flawed.

UC Santa Cruz Condemns Hitler Birthday Party

A group of students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, held a small gathering to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday...

New College of Florida Abruptly Dismisses Librarian

New College of Florida has fired librarian Helene Gold, The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported , making her the second LGBTQ+ employee...
Female scientists in white coats with their hair pulled back stand beside a microscope.

Research Finds No Gender Bias in Academic Science

Reviewing decades of studies, researchers with “adversarial” perspectives conclude that tenure-track women and men in STEM receive comparable grant funding, journal acceptances and recommendation letters—and that women have an edge over men in hiring.