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Doctors Receive Much More Training Than Nurses Do

Nurses do important work, but doctors get much more graduate and residency training.  

A legal scale with a glass of pencils on the left side and the logo for ChatGPT on the right side

Law Schools Split on ChatGPT in Admissions Essays

Some say failing to teach law students to use artificial intelligence is “malpractice,” but the role ChatGPT should have in law school admissions is unclear.

Pages of a letter including bullet points ordering a faculty member to among other things, to “Cease engagement in offline conversations with reporters.”

Mayo Threatens Firing Professor for Interviews—and Idioms

A longtime faculty member at the medical school is being threatened with termination after interviews he gave to CNN and The New York Times.

New Initiative Seeks to Provide Clearer Data on MSIs

Scholars launched a new database focused on minority-serving institutions to create more clarity among researchers, policy makers and others about how to classify and study them.

For Military and Higher Ed, a Shared Dilemma

With their challenges well aligned, higher ed and the military should work together to reduce the opportunity costs of volunteering for military service, Mike Haynie writes.

Professor Says He Was Barred From Campus After FOIA Inquiry

A public health professor says the University at Albany barred him from campus after a Monsanto lawyer filed an information request.

He Complained About Takeout. Harvard Took Him Out

A faculty review board said it began investigating a now-former Harvard professor for, among other things, his publicly condemned reaction to being overcharged for Chinese food. That’s per his new lawsuit—over not earning tenure.

‘We Do Not Want Cop City’

Some students at historically Black colleges in Atlanta are protesting a police training center scheduled for construction. They and some of their professors want campus leaders to denounce the project.