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NYU Pauses Music Ed Admissions

The announcement that NYU would pause admissions to its music education program came as a shock to the whole department. Many questions remain unanswered.

Big Step Toward Test Optional in Law School Admissions

American Bar Association panel votes to lift test requirement, but group’s governing body must still approve the change. Sixty deans opposed the move.

Suspect Identified in Bomb Threats Against HBCUs

FBI officials identified a teenager who they say is responsible for the majority of bomb threats to HBCUs this year. Some HBCU leaders say the results of the investigation are long overdue.

Living Up to Its Rhetoric

The American Public Health Association faces questions about why it’s discouraged participation in a member-led rally for reproductive rights.

Striving for the ‘Gold Standard’

Some historically Black colleges and universities experienced record research funding this fiscal year. It’s a hopeful sign to a group of HBCUs seeking R-1 status.

‘Respectable: Politics and Paradox in Making the Morehouse Man’

The author discusses her recently published book on how societal ideas about Black masculinity shaped the values instilled in graduates at Morehouse College.

Pinning Hopes on Future Educators

Colleges of education hope that celebrating teaching candidates with pinning ceremonies will help validate their decision to enter an increasingly demanding field.

A ‘Pro-Life’ Medical School

Plans are underway for a new, independent Catholic medical school on the campus of Benedictine College that will strictly adhere to Catholic principles on abortion and end-of-life issues.