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Abortion Ruling Prompts Legal Questions

Colleges are navigating murky legal territory on abortion issues following the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Questions loom, but answers are scarce.

Studying Medicine in a Post-Roe America

Medical students in states where abortion is criminalized are already facing restrictions to their education, with major implications for the future of reproductive health care.

Hillsdale Leader’s Slurs of Teacher Preparation Stoke Tennessee Controversy

Michigan college’s president says teachers are trained in “dumbest parts of dumbest colleges.” Tennessee governor is assailed for working with Hillsdale and failing to defend teachers.

Graduating More Nurses

Plenty of students want to become nurses, but the nation’s institutions don’t have the capacity to teach or train them. A spate of innovative new programs across the U.S. is seeking to change that.

An HBCU in Predominantly White Surroundings?

Differences in opinion about the current role and future prospects of Lincoln University raise bigger questions about the HBCU’s historical identity and public image.

HBCUs Are Not Minority-Serving Institutions

They and tribal colleges are mission-based institutions born out of the affirmative discrimination by the federal government.

An Off-Brand Hire

Can a white woman from outside higher ed lead marketing and recruitment at an all-male historically Black college? Morehouse College leaders decided she could. Some alumni strongly disagree.

Creating a More Inclusive Medical Workforce

Osteopathic medical colleges take this goal very seriously.