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The exterior of UW-Milwaukee at Washington County's campus building

When Merger or Consolidation Plans Don’t Align

A debate in Wisconsin over the possibility of merging a two-year state institution with a two-year technical college highlights questions of realignment faced by public college systems across the country.

N.J. City University Receives $10 Million State Lifeline

New Jersey City University will receive a $10 million lifeline from the state to help the embattled institution dig itself...

Education Dept. Investigates Baker College

The Department of Education has reportedly opened an investigation into Baker College’s marketing and recruiting practices following an article last...

Trustee Provided Private Flights, Golf Simulator to DeSantis

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has accepted at least a dozen private flights and a costly golf simulator from University of...

Louisiana Requires ‘In God We Trust’ Signs in All Classrooms

Louisiana public K-12 schools and colleges and universities will be required to put signs that state “In God We Trust”...
A dark-skinned man in a suit and tie and glasses speaks in front of a red curtain

Dissolving a DEI Office to Save DEI

The University of Arkansas is reallocating all DEI staff and resources to other campus offices. Is it a capitulation to right-wing demands or a savvy defense tactic?

The Utah state capitol building

Governing State Governing Boards

Utah revamped its Board of Higher Education to emphasize more centralized oversight. Some other states are doing the same, leading some observers to wonder if the decisions are being driven by politics or efficiency.

A man in a suit and tie speaks at a podium to a room of legislators

DEI Standoff Derails a State Budget

Wisconsin Republicans want to slash funding to the University of Wisconsin over DEI efforts, but Democrats are defiant. The stalemate has put the entire state budget on ice.