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A poster that reads "In God We Trust" with the word "trust" in rainbow letters, designed by activist Chaz Stevens.

‘In God We Trust’ in Every Louisiana Classroom

A new Louisiana law that requires “In God We Trust” signs displayed in classrooms raises larger questions about religion and higher ed.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis stands at a podium in front of two American flags. His image is displayed on a big screen behind him.

DeSantis Challenges Constitutionality of Accreditation

Higher education lawyers and advocates say the lawsuit is more about politics than a serious legal challenge—though others say it makes a compelling case.

A photo of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump shaking hands in 2018

Should College Presidents Criticize Political Candidates?

Some higher ed leaders have voiced concerns about the threats GOP front-runners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis pose to democracy. Others are uneasy about weighing in on an ongoing race.

State Pathways That Provide Social and Economic Mobility

A conversation with members of the Equity Advisory Council.

DeSantis Cuts Higher Ed Funding; New College Gets a Boost

Florida governor Ron DeSantis will cut $120 million of higher education funding from the state budget—nearly a quarter of the...
A man in a suit and tie speaks at a podium to a room of legislators

DEI Standoff Derails a State Budget

Wisconsin Republicans want to slash funding to the University of Wisconsin over DEI efforts, but Democrats are defiant. The stalemate has put the entire state budget on ice.

Illustration of five stacks of coins with a hand placing an extra coin on the last, tallest stack.

‘More Refined’ Performance-Based Funding for Community Colleges

Oregon and other states are on the verge of embracing new performance-based funding models for their community colleges. Higher ed experts say these kinds of models have changed in recent years.

A light-skinned man in a suit and tie with gray hair stands in front of the North Carolina state flag

Seeking Bipartisan Governance in North Carolina

A state commission proposed overhauling UNC governing board appointments to reduce partisanship, but some say lawmakers have few incentives to remove politics from the system.