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Florida governor Ron DeSantis stands at a podium in front of two American flags. His image is displayed on a big screen behind him.

DeSantis Challenges Constitutionality of Accreditation

Higher education lawyers and advocates say the lawsuit is more about politics than a serious legal challenge—though others say it makes a compelling case.

A man sits in an armchair as blank white pieces of paper float around him.

Gainful Employment Proves Contentious, Again

Higher education groups sharply criticized the Education Department’s sweeping set of regulations that would define gainful employment and make other changes.

Students walk outside on a college campus

Education Department Eyes New Requirements for All Programs

The Education Department’s proposed regulations would give the secretary more discretion to yank an institution’s eligibility for federal financial aid. Institutions are worried about unintended consequences.

Foxx Introduces Bill to Improve Student Loan Repayment

House Republicans’ latest plan to improve the student loan system focuses on helping defaulted borrowers get back on track and...
Senator Bill Cassidy and others speak at a podium about their latest proposal to lower the cost of higher education.

Republicans Unveil Sweeping Higher Education Legislation

Although not likely to become law anytime soon, the package of bills shows that Senate Republicans are ready to step up to the plate on higher education policy.

A pair of hands with dark skin works on filling out a form with a pen while another hand with dark skin points at the form with another pen.

Parent PLUS Loans a ‘Double-Edged Sword’ for Black Families

As more families with fewer resources turn to Parent PLUS loans to afford higher education, policy makers need to seek broader reforms to improve college affordability, a new study says.

A green line on a chart shows the increasing rates of delinquency among student loan borrowers in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's sample.

More Borrowers at Risk of Defaulting

With student loan payments set to resume, a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report shows more borrowers are struggling. “The situation is worse than we could have imagined,” one advocate said.

Close-up shot of a transcript

A ‘Modest but Important Step’ Against Transcript Withholding

The proposed ban comes as more states are restricting colleges and universities from withholding transcripts when a student owes money to the institution. The planned federal ban would only apply in some cases.