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Front of the Department of Education building

A ‘More Rigorous Process’ to Determine Financial Aid Eligibility

Biden administration wants to add a host of new conditions to the agreements that allow colleges and universities to receive financial aid. Critics say those proposals need more work.

Louisiana senator Bill Cassidy, a white man with gray hair, wearing a suit, blue shirt and yellow tie, raises two fingers during a Senate hearing.

Senate OKs Resolution to Block Loan Forgiveness

President Biden has said he would veto the resolution, while some said it would cause “irreparable damage” to the federal student loan system.

Virginia Foxx, a white woman with short white hair, stands at a podium in a blue blazer.

Momentum Building for Pell Grant Expansion

Informal negotiations over how to expand the Pell Grant to job-training programs have begun but lawmakers face uphill challenge in getting a bill through Congress.

Under Secretary James Kvaal, a light-skinned man with gray hair, sits a table during a House hearing.

More Tough Questions for Education Department

Republicans once again used the hearing, which revealed little new information about the actual policies, to decry the administration’s efforts to overhaul the student loan system.

Close-up of female medical professional in scrubs with digital tablet, typing and completing checklist.

A Stricter Test for College Programs

Critics argue that the earnings test, which is based on the average earnings of a high school graduate with no college, is unfair. But supporters say it provides key information.

Miguel Cardona, a middle-aged Hispanic man with a goatee and glasses, stands at a podium in a black suit and blue tie.

New, Stronger Gainful Employment Regs Released

The rule adds more requirements for all postsecondary nondegree programs and all programs at for-profit institutions. Education Department officials hailed the regulations as the strongest ever gainful-employment rule.

Stacks of one-hundred-dollar bills piled on top of one another

Federal Student Aid Funding Woes Complicate Resuming Student Loan Payments

Experts and advocates worry that the Education Department lacks adequate funds and won’t be able to prevent high rates of default and delinquency when student loan payments eventually turn back on.

‘Huge Sense of Relief’: How New FAFSA Could Help Homeless Students

On the new form, students will have to answer fewer questions about their status as unaccompanied homeless youth. Advocates are hoping the changes make it easier for students to access financial aid but worry about implementation.